Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid When Starting Out (Guest Post)

I came across Olivia's blog last year and it was honestly a life saver for someone like me who was just setting out in this world all by herself. Her blog is filled with tips and tricks, freebies and words which will calm you down in this mad world. I am more than grateful that… Continue reading Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid When Starting Out (Guest Post)

The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet to Thrifting

Hang in there for a list of cool thrift stores towards the end! Thrifting as a concept was bizarre for me till the start of this year, when I came across a few shoutouts for some stores online by one of my closest friends. As soon as I saw her wearing her ‘thrifts’ and immersing… Continue reading The Ultimate Cheat-Sheet to Thrifting

Joker 2019- Film Review

Todd Philip’s Joker forces you to look at a supervillain, long taken for a heartless character with zero to no regard for humanity, with all of your humanity. With this movie, Philip not only humanises Arthur Fleck but also demands a great deal of sensibility from its audience. As said by Todd Philips, Joker can… Continue reading Joker 2019- Film Review