5 Things Love Taught Me

  1. Self-love will be a tempest in disguise, mistaken for my love for others which will come easier to me than loving myself 
  2. Shivering knees, sweaty hands, treated as maladies for 20 years are still all mine to love and look after. I am more than just an echo of my anatomy.
  3. Lilac skies, fairy lights are a human, a real person in this mad world and not just double taps and comments.
  4. My poems will stay, s t a y as coffins of unfulfilled, unrequited, yet unerring promises of love
  5. I am not afraid of love, no I am not afraid of you. I am afraid of being the only one to witness the ashes after it has all burnt down. 

This poem was written and formatted in less than 2 hours, based on a prompt given by Madhura Sonegaonkar.