Podcast- Poems Away from Home

Poems Away From Home…

‘Poems Away from Home’ is my new little space on Spotify that believes smiles, hearts, emotions, books, hugs make a home and not just four concrete walls.

These poems wish to be your home if you find your solace in them, the way you would in a hug on a cold winter evening. For now, they are away only hoping that you would make a home out of them, with every verse that plays.

In this particular episode, I’ve tried writing a love which is strong enough to bid the other a farewell knowing that helps them grow while reminiscing their time together. Sometimes you outgrow love, sometimes the journey ends not because of bitterness but because of fate. This poem is for all those goodbyes, which float in that space of silence not knowing how to speak of love and bid adieu in the same breath. It silently listens to all those farewells that left you yearning for some more time with love.

I would love for you to listen to it!