January Wrap: A Thank-You Note

The first month of 2022 has gone by, rather extraordinarily for me.

To begin with, my “New Year” began with a 15 days delay owing to my semester three exams. For everyone who has been following my stories on Instagram for the past month- don’t worry, I am not going to repeat my rants here (well, maybe). The semester that I most yearned for, is here! Semester four has already begun and right now it feels great to know that I held on tight to myself all through this ride.

I had decided in December 2021, to do 1 Second Everyday, because that seemed like a great journaling idea. Thanks to that, I can now recall what I did virtually every day in January. It feels great to have a visual record of my month and I am looking forward to doing more of this! [Shoutout to Saloni, whose stories gave me the push to do this!] So here’s what my January looked like in 31 seconds!


What did not make it to the blog, was my time in Nashik. For most of the second week of January, I was there- relaxing and spending time with my sisters. My cousin sister, a great host and my fellow companion who understands and reciprocates my love for languages is a human form of the word ‘comfort’. After my exams, her company and her food were all I needed. Driving around in Nashik and hugging her every morning was the perfect antidote to a month spent in tears and stress before.

Although New Year Resolutions often get a lot of criticism for never really working out, I believe New Years are a great way to start fresh. You do not have to commit to anything right away, but you can always do 10% better. Actualising this in January was easier than I thought it would be. I wrote three blogs; A Warm-up Routine for 2022, On Learning Two Foreign Languages and 5 Tools to Teach German. It is not a surprise, given my last two blogs that I am looking forward to writing more blogs on the language learning process and the function of language. The next month might see more of those and I am very excited about the same. This blog gives me the space to put my love for languages into words and articulate it in a manner that allows me to come back and remind myself of the same.

To be perfectly candid, I am excited for February. Apart from a slight change in the next blog posts, there is an update that should feature on the blog by the last week of the next month. One of my rather creative friends, suggested I try a different format, which I am sure will help me reach more readers and listeners.

Apart from these updates, this is a thank you note for all of you who continue to visit my blog. As I continue to write on more niche and new topics, your support for my experiments matters the most to me. I have so much gratitude for all of you who interact with my blogs and believe in my work. With the last two blogs, I have been approached by fellow language learners who understand and relate to my experiences. Thanks to On Learning Two Foreign Languages, I was approached by one of my internet friends- a native Spanish speaker, who promised to help me through my process. Most of you somehow found yourself in A Warm-up Routine for 2022. There can be nothing more rewarding than knowing that your words are not a void, that you are not alone when you’re hurting or being hurt or just sad. I value all of those times when I have received your messages of empathy. To be able to share even that little bit of your journey makes me happy and validated. Keeping that in mind, although my experiments with my blog will go on- comforting blogs and my creative writing will still reach here! Thank you, for being here and reading as much and more than I am writing.

Waiting enthusiastically for February. See you soon!