A German language educator, a writer and a passionate researcher, Suchitra is a powerhouse of energy when you see her in her element on field.

She has completed her postgraduation in English Literature. She shelters a passion for the differences in mediums of communication in languages combined with her interests in memory studies and theatre. Owing to the same, she worked on a research project titled, ‘Holocaust Theatre, Memory and Imagination: The Role of Language in Charlotte Delbo’s Who Will Carry the Word? and Bernard Kops’ Dreams of Anne Frank‘. This love for languages began when she started learning German first in 2013. Later, she was awarded the PASCH Scholarship, which helped her learn German in Dresden in the year 2016.

Her love for the language grew along with every level she pursued at Max Mueller Bhavan, Goethe Institut, Mumbai. During the pandemic she took her years of learning and began teaching German to beginners and beginners with prior knowledge. Ever since, she has continued teaching German and working on her research project/s.

‘Poems Away from Home’

Apart from her love for languages and academia, she has developed an interest in spoken word poetry. She has performed at several open mics organized by Bridge of Tales, Kommuneity, and Hooted1ce. Her poem A Search for Answers is available on Youtube. Although she found space on Instagram to share her work, she missed performing on stage during the lockdown and began a podcast on Spotify, Poems Away from Home. Here, she records some of her comforting poems. Her friends and family have been her cornerstone throughout this journey.

Performing at Bridge of Tales

With this blog, she aims to make foreign language learning a little less daunting for beginners. As she simultaneously begins her journey with Spanish, she records her experiences of learning the same here. However, towards the end of every month, she uploads a wrap of what happened behind the scenes of the blog with her to establish a human connection with her readers.

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