The Night We Met

The Night We Met- Poems Away from Home

Falling in love has always come along with a fear of falling in it, alone. A dilemma of saying those three threatening words too soon walks over all of our hearts, so we dance away, we smile a smile that screams love in silence. ‘The Night We Met’ pauses that moment between two lovers who refrain from sheltering their love just yet, longing for more. The pianoforte I imagined would play behind the poem was brought to life by Shreyas Kamble who managed to not only provide such beautiful music for my poem but also improve the sound quality of my audio.

This poem is based on prompts by Juee Kapdoskar, who suggested that I write a poem that begins with ‘The Night We Met’ and Shayoni Thakkar’s prompt ‘skinny love’.

I hope this one resonates with you!